I have a switch that says "underfloor heating" that no longer works

Since having a smart energy meter installed, my underfloor heating does not work, meaning I will have no heating in winter,

Although installed by the previous energy company, they are washing their hands of it, and say it requires a new assessment and solution.

I am desperately hoping someone can visit and fix this for me as I am a separated parent, and don’t want my son (let alone me) to be cold in winter.

Thanks for your help.

This is on the local side of your electrical installation, after the meter, and so you’ll have to get an electrician in to look at the fault.

Did you have a separate meter for the underfloor heating? Or did the original meter have a separate output that is now no longer connected to anything?

Without info on how your installation was all connected up it’s hard to offer any advice other than “call an electrician”.