I have an economy 7 meter. Why am I on a single rate tariff?

Since I’ve changed to bulb 6 weeks ago my usage has increased
I went to look at my meter to read it for the first time and there’s no economy 7 on it like my previous supplier
My hot water tank heats up through the night on economy 7 timer but if I’m getting charged 1 rate for all hours this is bad practice as I was not told I would lose my economy 7 rate if I switched
If this isn’t sorted today I will be off to another supplier

Hi @steveouk_14

A meter cannot change settings when you switch supplier, so your meter will still have economy 7 timings if you were on an economy 7 meter with your previous supplier.

On the national database of meters, yours is registered as a single rate meter shown by the PC: 01

If it is a single rate meter we can only offer a single rate tariff.

But it is possible that we have the wrong meter. So let’s check if we have the correct meter registered for your address.

The best thing to do is check that the meter serial number that we have registered for your meter is definitely yours.

Could you direct message me either your meter serial number (found on the front of your meter) or the MPAN (found on your previous bill)?

Could you also send me your address so I can double check this too?

We’ll get this sorted for you :slight_smile: