I have had it up to here

Still no reply about my WHD. Just flannel about “audits”, excuses, and now silence. Absolutely disgusted with the utter joke that customer support has become in recent months. As soon as the WHD is here - and it had better be - I will be levelling up and getting out faster than you can say “octopus”.

Also, I opted out of any comms about smart meters and yet you keep mailing me about them. I don’t want a smart meter. They are intrusive and can be used for surveillance and no amount of greenwashing will make me change my mind.


I am having a terrible time with them too. No reply since 1st Feb. Loosing my will with it to be honest.


Audits are completed by the government, not Bulb. Smart meters have many settings to ensure your privacy, though you should be able to opt out. Good luck with your new supplier.

Good luck with octopus if you don’t want a smart meter…

Hi @BWo, I popped you an email yesterday, so please do get back to me there if you have any other questions.

Hi @liammg1122, I can see that my colleague Mel has got back to your email too :+1:

No, very unhappy and I will be replying today.

You didn’t reply for 2 and a half months to 3 emails and a complaint and then Mel opens the email Hi Carl. My name is Liam

Hey @liammg1122, we’re really sorry about that. That was an error on our end and we didn’t mean to cause offence.

With regard to the open complaint, Mel will reply when she can. If you have any questions, or ever need an update, I’d recommend replying to her email.

Many thanks,

Niamh :bulb: