I have just joined Bulb and moving from First Utility and Smartmeters

I have recently moved home and transferred my existing energy supplier First Utility, they could not inherent the existing EON smart meter which has economy 7 also. Can Bulb use this existing smart meter or do I need a specific one form you?

@smartjim, Bulb sadly cannot automatically read that 1st gen smart meter.

They’re going to be rolling out 2nd gen smart meters from mid 2018. Until then, meters have to be read manually.

@smartjim So we’re able to take you on as a member, but we’ll be unable to use the smart meter functionality as @mowcius confirmed above! One of the limitations of the 1st generation of smart meters.

You’d need to provide meter reads manually using this guide: https://community.bulb.co.uk/discussion/24/how-do-i-read-my-meter-and-submit-a-reading/p1