I have just joined Bulb

I have not even spent a month with Bulb yet and the topics and complaints I am seeing here are not encouraging - I am very worried about my switch to Bulb :frowning:

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One of the best advice I can give you is to make sure you submit your meter readings on a regular basis each month and before your statement or bill is prepared. Check the ststement each month to make sure your meter readings have been taken into account. If you submit your meter readings a couple of days early then Bulb will do an estimated reading to take into account the odd days since you submitted the readings.


thank you so much for this reply - in my previous account I submitted regular monthly readings - how do I know the correct date/time to submit readings? So sorry but I am trying to learn and thanks again

After the “we’re about to take your payment” email and before the payment date.

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Hi @kimsu,

Welcome to Bulb and to our Community page! We really look forward to having you with us :wave:

As @Allanr and @stevefoster have kindly noted, the best way to ensure that you are being billed accurately is by submitting your meter readings on a regular basis. This will provide you with the peace of mind that you are not being over/under estimated when it comes to calculating your usage.

If at any time your account builds up a credit, which is more than your monthly payment amount, you are more than welcome to request a partial refund of this credit balance or have your monthly payment amount reduced. You can read more about this here: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115003394031-Getting-a-refund-for-credit-in-your-account

Alternatively, if your account begins to fall into a debit balance, but you do not wish to change your monthly payment amount, there is flexibility there also. You can request to make a one-off payment to clear the debit, and as long as your monthly payment aligns with your statements, this can be kept the same.

I have linked a great article that discusses exactly how Bulb charges for your energy usage, which elaborates on what I have just noted in more detail: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115003405632-How-Bulb-charges-for-energy-usage

If you have any further questions regarding this, please feel free to get back in touch with us!

Best wishes,

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Just leave as soon as you can.

Bulb want paying in advance and will create a bill before your monthly payment so it always looks like you’re in debit.

if you try and argue with them, they will just increase your DD without authorisation (a single person who is a night worker and they tried to increase mine to £150 a month!) and then send you automated replies.

If you ask them to do anything, they won’t. They’be been “checking my meter” since September. Still isn’t booked. Unhelpful guy on phone said withing 48 hours, I’ll be contacted. Email says within 3 days. DM from customer service is the same nonsense saying I use more during the winter. No really? 50 years old and I didn’t figure that out. Doesn’t explain why the meter uses four times as much during the day as at night and … I work nights. So I’m OUT at night and ASLEEP during the day!

Just switch back.

Oh and now they’re all “working from home” again. Yes Covid excuse. Again.


That’s a red herring.

Before you joined Bulb you would have aware they take payment in advance exactly the same as a number of other suppliers. The fact they take your DD a couple or so days after your statement is sent is neither here or there, yes you could possibly be in debt but as soon as the DD payment reaches your account the debit (assuming it is a debit) will be reduced by the payment. You can see this quite easily on the Statesment History page.


That is correct @Allanr. However from what I’m seeing (not including the obvious cases where people aren’t sending in regular meter readings, or at the wrong times, not doing the maths etc) it isn’t so much that the account goes into debit for a few days while payment clears, it is that when in this debit period, bulb is assuming the bill holder will remain in debt, and increasing their monthly payment against their will to account for this and preventing them from lowering the monthly payment back down to where it should be in the app. They then have to go through the long, arduous process of trying to get a hold of someone at Bulb who will fix this for them. For many this is a monthly occurrence.

My own personal circumstance sat at just that, did everything right, was in debit every month while payment cleared, all fine there, understood all that. But. They chose to increase my payment based on this supposed debut despite my credit once payment cleared and they also prevented me in app from lowering my payment, which would have left me in a position each month of slogging it out to get them to lower it again to where it should be.

There are indeed a lot of people who simply aren’t taking regular readings, or aren’t submitting them at the right time resulting in estimates, or they don’t quite grasp that most people are told they’re in debit for a few days, and all of the other most common problems seen here. But there are a lot whose complaints are entirely valid, and those shouldn’t be discounted either. This forum has become the last point of contact with Bulb for so many. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is.

More though should perhaps vote with their keyboard, especially in situations where their complaint hasn’t been resolved in months or its simply an issue of being unhappy with lack of communication.

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I’m no longer a customer of Bulb having switched from them about 9 months ago but I still like to see what is happening with their customer service should I wish to rejoin them laster down the line. I left Bulb for a new supplier simply because there was a substantial cost saving, however during my time with Bulb I had no problems whatesever. It was fairly easy to adjust your DD payment and not as difficult is it now appears to be.

Personally if was still with Bulb, and bulit up large credit because of their arbitrary rule about building up a large credit to cover the winter months I would stop my direct debit as long as I still met their requirements of paying one month in advance. Bulb’s T&C’s have changed since I left them and in fact some of the T&Cs seem to contradict one another.

For many years I have maintained a speadsheet of my energy usage and and from this I can work out my fututre annual estimated costs on a rolling monthly basis so I know if the DD payment suggested by my supplier is valid.

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I had no problems when I was with them either, I’ve said elsewhere on this board actually that I was a customer for 18 months, happy all that time, up until the last couple of weeks (good few weeks now). When I was happy, everything went smoothly, and I had little to no issues getting a hold of someone when I needed them.

Last few weeks have been a nightmare to the point I just can’t afford to stay. So I upped and left and am now settled elsewhere.

I do agree though. I’ve seen a few posts now with the T&Cs quoted in this last few weeks and as you say, they now seem very contradictory.

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hoping that what you are saying works in Real Life Diana

Welcome to our wonderful community.

Yep, meet all sorts of weird and wonderful people.
Some of whom live in cloud cuckoo land, some who dwell in caves, and some who are just weird


It’s true, it’s true I have no fear,
I’m happy now that Bulb is here.

this was inscribed on the wall in my cave
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