I have just joined you but i feel my winter buffer payments will be a bit too high?

Can I have my winter buffer payments reduced a bit, I feel they will be too high? I haven’t paid anything yet but will up the payments monthly if it looks like i am using more fuel than i thought i would.

Hi @happyhouse

The higher winter payments are bases off how much more people use on average. If you don’t think it’s right for you we can change them to stay the same throughout winter. I’ve made that change for you now. We can always change it again if you’d like.

Because your payments are staying the same it would be a very good idea to take regular meter readings so we can both make sure you don’t go into the red.

All the best,


Hi Will, thank you for your quick response. That’s brilliant. I will indeed keep a check and put in regular meter readings so that I keep on top of my bill. :slight_smile:

Great stuff. Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

Hi, winter buffer seems a good idea, however, I have built up a bit of credit with my existing supplier; will this not transfer to you?

Hi @bikerslugsister, not quite. Your old supplier will refund any credit to you when they send you your final bill. We can’t transfer it over to us instead I’m afraid.

If you’d like though, you can make a one-off payment into your Bulb account to add the amount of it to Bulb once it’s been refunded. It’s just an option if you’d prefer that to having higher winter payments.