I have no gas!! Help!

I’m a new customer to Bulb switch over was complete last Sunday. This evening my heating and hot water has gone off and my gas meter reading have gone and Just reads xxxxxxx please help as apparently Bulb are only
Open Mon - Fri and I called their Emergency number but again you can only have an emergency Mon - Fri!! I have 3 very young children so need to get this sorted!!

I can only really suggest: “If it’s your gas meter you think is faulty, you might have a gas leak. If you can smell gas or have no gas supply, leave the house and call the National Gas Emergencies number immediately on 0800 111 999”

It certainly sounds like a meter failure and the Gas Emergencies number should be able to, at a minimum, recommend what you should do (it may, alas, be a case of them saying “wait until Monday”, but they may be able to do something else (especially if any of the children are under 5 and therefore classed as a priority)

Hi @Harry1, you can also email emergency@bulb.co.uk which is apparently monitored more out of hours, but unfortunately on a credit meter, there’s no legal requirement for Bulb to offer out of hours services for meter faults.

I believe their required resolution is something like 5 days from the working day that they get notification of a meter fault.

With the introduction of the legal requirement for fault resolution for pre-pay meters when they start supplying them at the start of this month, it’s likely that more of an out of hours service will be offered in future but this unfortunately doesn’t help you much in this case.