I have " TWO " Electric Meters one for Heating Control and second one for Standard Energy .

The Company does not seem to accept that I have TWO Electric Meters - Black Meter is Heating Control - No. HO3C - 35753 has only one set of numbers…second Meter is White No. DO2C - 63270 Standard Energy - your system does not allow me to put in numbers for both Meters ?? I have tried to explain this in a phone call but no one seem to be listening. J. Fowler

Heya @Threechickens. We have two electricity meters signed up on your account. They are both switching to Bulb today. As you have two meters, you are unable to put both meter readings in your account. This is because you have a slightly different setup. You’ll need to drop us email/ call to give us both readings. Or you can comment below and I’ll pop them in your account.