I haven't received a statement

Hi, I haven’t received a statement for January. Could you investigate please. Thx, DC

Hi @davidscarling,

Your billing has been fixed now, apologies for that!

Best wishes,

I have had nothing taken off my account since last April, all my account shows is my direct debits being taken every month and totalling up. Every month they send the usual email saying we think you should increase your monthly amount, but until I actually know how much my bill is going to be I don’t see any point. When I contact them they just send me an email saying "your account is In credit by ££££, I can’t get through to them :roll_eyes:

Hi @Exjarl,

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I have just fixed your billing issue for you, but I do sincerely apologise that this happened in the first place. I can’t accept your bill yet as it does need to be double checked by our operations team. They usually finish reviewing these within 5 working days, but do let me know if it hasn’t been sent by then.

Best wishes,

Trevor, thanks very much, I don’t understand how it’s been such a problem.

For some reason the reading I submitted at the beginning of Februaryary, is now showing as November reading?

This is getting beyond the joke now, how can you work out that I owe you money?