I just want a bill

Running out of options / places to ask, aside from here. Next step is leave and go via the ombudsman.

I am now at day 40 on waiting for an email response, with other responses being one line answers that don’t provide any detail (do I get 4 x £10 for the horrendous response time now?).

I have not been billed since the day my smart meter was installed. I’m a good £600 or so in credit, but with limited context as to what my ‘actual’ balance should be.

I don’t get why it’s so hard… It’s an utter shambles, to be honest.

Please @William_at_Bulb, help. I love the company, I’ve referred a lot of people, but I’m going from one of your most positive supporters to a detractor.

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Hi @ddavis,

I’m so sorry that you’ve had to wait such a long time to receive an accurate statement.

We’ve now fixed the billing error on your account. You’ll have just received an up to date statement showing your current account balance.

I’ve also dropped you an email with some more information on why this happened - let me know what you think.


Without going into any personal details why does this sort of problem occur, this seems to be a regular occurrence purely from post s on this forum?

Why do customers have to wait 40 days for a response which answers the query?

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Hi @Allanr,

This account came across a “bill error”. The various meter information and meter readings that we held on our system, didn’t align with each other, meaning that our system was unsure about how to bill this account.

For example, a bill error could occur if we receive 2-rate meter details following on from a meter exchange, but only receive one starting reading for the new meter.

Our operations team are focused on reducing the likeliness of encountering a bill error, as well as implementing bulk fixes if they do arise. Our service team are also fully trained on dealing with bill errors - so if you’ve stopped receiving statements and need help getting that fixed as quickly as possible, please drop us an email.

@ddavis got in touch with Bulb to let us know that they weren’t receiving statements. One of our agents took responsibility for the case, but unfortunately, for whatever reason, had not seen it to completion. We have an extensive quality assurance process in place to prevent situations like these from occurring, but we want to apologise that this one slipped through our net.

To much automation hire some staff bulb humans can do a much better job if allowed ims till waiting for a response on my issue 8 days no reply.

Only 40 days and £500 in credit? Lucky you!

I’ve had no bill since joining in March, chased by message or email every month since & am currently £1,100 in credit. But hey, my account is “Looking Good”. Shame Bulb customer service isn’t.

I’ve spoken to someone 3 times & been promised a resolution, but yet to receive one. The only email I have had back is one asking me to rate the quality of the Bulb emailed reply to my enquiry. What reply???

Is switching supplier the only way to get a bill - the final (& first)?

Sorry to hijack your post. I was looking for a section entitled “No Support & No Help” but couldn’t find it…

If anyone from Bulb reads these posts, can you just sort it for me please?