I just want a reply

I am so fed up of trying to get an email response from bulb. I used to be so positive to friends and family about your company but know I feel let down. Since having my smart meter installed my electricity readings are still based on estimated reads since June 2019 and no matter how many times I have told you still you fail to fix the error. I really do give up


I am having the same problem. I have emailed three times and still the problem hasn’t been resolved and Bulb just seem to be ignoring me.

Same here. I received an alarming email saying my account was over £100 in debit and they were going to increase my DD so I messaged Bulb to point out that the actual debit was £3.66 as it hadn’t taken account of my last DD and also included money they want me to lend them in advance. No reply! :unamused:

Blimey! I thought I was alone in a) having estimated readings and b) failing to get a reply from Bulb. There also doesn’t seem to be a way of phoning someone, which I’m rather alarmed about, having also sung their praises to friends. Starting to change my mind.


Why’s that then? Doesn’t the phone number given to you on every statement and published in the help section of the website, work for you?

Your account is always supposed to be in credit by at least one monthly payment. It’s part of the terms and conditions to which you agreed when you signed up. The statement doesn’t “take account” of the payment, because the payment is for next month, after the statement has been produced.

That’s a very blunt response Hooloovoo! Some might even say rude!

This is what’s on the Terms & Conditions that I signed up to 3 years ago:

3.16. You must keep your account in credit by paying for the supply in advance by automatic
payment, or owe us less than half of what we’ve calculated as being your expected
annual bill.

If this has changed I haven’t been told.

Since my expected annual bill is around £700 I don’t think owing £3.66 is too much of a problem and I’ve sometimes owed more than that but always made a one-off payment to correct it. Yes, statements are issued before the current payment but the email I’m complaining about arrived 2 weeks after the payment!

And some would be wrong.

It might have been useful to provide all the relevant information at the start, although that doesn’t change much. If you’re already going even slightly into debt then it’s certain as we head further into winter your debt will increase, meaning your payment is too low and needs to be increased. Good luck with resolving your issue.

Nice passive-aggressive reply :roll_eyes:

No idea what you mean. I’m genuinely curious why the published phone number doesn’t work for you?

I agree with the OP, the e-mail service is disgusting.

I made a complaint with regards to the tariff that was being displayed on my IHD. The tariffs are wrong and the daily standing charge is wrong on the actual electric meter (I haven’t checked the gas), and I have just noticed today that we have been charged £170 for last months bill. We’re in a bungalow with two people in it. Even going by the wrong tariff readings, we’re being charged almost double what we should be.

I complained via e-mail early last week and still no reply, and I’m not prepared to use their 0300 number. With my mobile I’ll probably be charged more than what I’m complaining about.

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I’m also having the same problem. I had Smart Meters fitted six months ago and I am still having to manually submit meter reading. My emails to Bulb are ignored and the phone number is nowhere to be seen on the Website. Even when I have called the people are polite but nothing happens. I was initially a big fan of bulb and have recommended it to other, but I am now looking to switch asap

How does this page of the website render in your browser? What browser are you using?