I keep receive last reminders to pay last invoice

Hi Bulb Team, I keep receiving reminders to pay last invoice, but everytime I try to pay via the link provided it asks me to setup direct debit, hoping to see a pay platform where I put card details and pay.

I have tried calling you guys several times and whenever I call you are either busy with other calls or office closed.

@MFedato : I don’t believe Bulb accepts card payments at all. It’s Direct Debit for ‘credit’ customers and ‘top-ups’ for prepaid customers.

Is there a problem providing your bank account details for the payment? If so, it’ll probably be best emailing them or catching Bulb staff on live chat -https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us#get_in_touch - as using email/live chat means one Bulb member of staff can handle multiple queries “at once” (and so be a lot faster) whereas on the phone, it can be quite a slow process as they can’t really do anything else whilst waiting for customer responses etc.