I love Bulb so much if it were a person i would kiss him /her!

Having been with the dreadful Scottish Power for the last xx years I can honestly say Bulb customer service , website design and funcitonality, tariff and billing has been an utterly joyous experience.

If Bulb were a person i would marry them lol

Makes a change from all the old moaners who dont realise there is a covid crisis on and just looking for something to maon about - such is feral britain the me myself and i society.

PS. Bulb are great!
PP.S Go with Scottish Power for a few months then you will find out what terrible customer service, dreadful wesbite, useless management and worst experience of your life is!

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I’ve been with Scottish power before Bulb, and both have their ups and downs. Bulb is certainly not the gold standard, but there are some persistent moaners I agree. But as I have experienced, bulbs customer service varies dramatically. One time (during the peak of covid) their bot connects me to a person, and they solve my problem within 5 minutes. Now, I try (during opening hours) and it says no one’s available, doesn’t even put me in a queue. At least Scottish power could give me a bill every time, ontime, and actually accept meter readings instead of emailing me they had accepted them, and then when I go to submit the next one it says I last submitted last month. This is not due to covid, but due to there systems somehow messing up.

you can also see that bulbs complaints per 1000 accounts are higher then scottish powers now:

Scottish power:

Scottish power gets more resolved within the next day, though bulb does get more resolved in the next 8 weeks. Frankly, though the complaint shouldn’t be there, especially not for essential things like not receiving bills for the second time.


It would appear you are only making your comparison with SP, there are other suppliers out there.
The supplier I am with can boast 24/7 chat(with a real live human type person) and phone lines that are open until 22.00 including weekends, and tariffs S/C’s that are cheaper than bulb

I love Bulb energymy bulb2

Such a lovely couple, the demented and the deluded


Clues please Skippy !!!

Its your choice as to which is which, although DD does have a droll sense of humour

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Funny - you stayed with Scottish Power for so many years, if they were so bad. And your user data says you’ve been a member of this forum for 2.5 years!

Would be good if you could give us that tariff so we can compare then skip!

Not deluded or demented but i nearly was after 15 years dealing with Scottish Power!

Thanks for checking me out.

Yeah i tried to join bulb 3 years ago if my memory serves me right but the switch failed due to having comfortplus white meter which was not accepted so i had to get the meter changed to e7 to swap.

Why do people like you look for problems where there arent any and infer things that are easily explained and there was a reason for staying with scottish power as you now see!

Try and be less of a moaning negative saddo its the last thing we need in this world are people like you constantly looking fot the negative when people should try and look positive and do more wqith their lives than just be interet armchair commentators!

You do know what you did is called TROLLING!!!

You provide no positive input into the conversation; in fact no input at all , no joy , no positivity just the usual trolling nastiness - is that really how your live has become - how sad for you i feel sorry for folks like you!

Sad for you old geezer!

What are you on about? Point out to us where it says only positive, gushing contributions pro bulb are allowed?

As you should have noticed, a lot of folk don’t find being with bulb a positive experience. Just because you have not had any problems - yet - doesn’t mean everybody has. Just look at most of the posts here.
Indeed, some poor customers are at the end of their tether trying to communicate with the company, via any of the other channels. If it is an large, increase in monthly payments, an excessive balance in their account, the delay in fitting ‘smart’ meters, the same meters not working properly, problems with billing, poor customer service (non returned calls, missing messages, etc, etc)

So just count yourself lucky in your rosy wee world. And maybe you should consider how much your ‘Well I’m right Jack’ posts help fellow customers that are having continuing problems.

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Lol. I like your post.

I switched from Eon after only 6 weeks because they didn’t seem to have a clue what they were doing. So many wasted hours on the phone and told something different every time. I finally had enough and just started the switch to Bulb. Not in yet but happy so far.

It really can’t be any worse than the experience I just had. They’re at least keeping me updated.

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You can skip the positive comments if they upset you.
I can’t see any benefit to trying to bring down positivity.
Having a bad experience would be a good thing to make a post about for yourself rather drowing someone’s postive experience.

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Nice one Jon i like positive people!

Well i can tell you Scottish Power were quite the worst but I have heard Eon are pretty dreadful i thin kthey were on Watchdog many times for poor customer service but I have actually worked with the Indian call centres in Gurgaon in India who were initially brought in to save money when Iberdrola took over Scottish Power - Its not actually Scottish Power now its actually Spanish Power as it was wholly taken over by them and they just dropped all the good work and standards we had that is why my company left the contract we were on to supply IT Novell migration expertise - the migration from the reliable and top quality Novell Netware servers and network to microsoft server was a joke and nothing worked after it was half completed even now over a decade later the wsbite still doesnt work properly or any of the databases and well the customer service being shifted from the uk to India was a big mistake but we all know that from any company you phone and get through to Sally or Tom with an asian accent can tell.

But hey ho i did have a few problems with bulb when i switched but that was mainyl to do with SP trying its very best to stop me moving so you might get the same thing with Eon but persevere i have only found them to be good and coming from working in the IT dept i think i have a decent foot to stand on which old dimbo clipper does not seem to appreciate.

I would also add that people dont seem to factor in the covid crisis and problems in the uk at the mo - i personally know two engineers off work because they dont want to be going into peoples homes and getting covid - you have no idea of the feral homes some engineers have to go into its quite scary how some people live in the uk but no one thinks of the guys behind the scenes they just want everything fixed now - actually been bitten by a customers dog myself after he told me the dog did not bite lol - Its the me myslef and i selfish society so what can you do but whistle a happy tune and be positive that has always been my outlook in life - no point in being begative and an old moan it just gets everyone around you down or against you and drives you further into a miserable existence!

Keep the faith dude bulb will not make you blub lol

I pointed out your mistake and explained to you why i was with sp for so long but you have neither the good manners or humility to admit you were wrong
sad individual who refuses to apologise or admit they were wrong and continues to defame and traduce others

You also fail to realise we are in a covid crisis so naturally services are not going to be the way they were - are you really that dim or as i surmise just another selfish me myself and i pea brained brit with no thought for others

Did you not even have the courtesy to read my first post before you let rip and started moaning and ranting - let me refresh for you
“Makes a change from all the old moaners who dont realise there is a covid crisis on and just looking for something to maon about - such is feral britain the me myself and i society.”

You kinda gave us the QED moment there dude well done thanks you just proved my first comment is true!

“My rosy wee world” - how sad you denigrate someone who tries to bring positivity to people?
Such jealousy dude just says more about you than it does me - better rosy world than the miserable selfish one you prefer to exist in.

Been doing some work for the local soup kitchen and raising some money for the blind veterans charity since i have been back in the uk - what have you done so far rather than moan - there are those that are givers and those that are takers - I am sure we know which side of the fence you are on - well done i hope you are happy when you need help one day?

Have a nice christmas anyway and best wishes for the new year!

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Is nice to see positivity on the forum again after the whole price increase.

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