I’m home display

Hi, anyone had the same problem with their ihd as me. After having had both gas and electricity smart meters fitted over a week ago, I’m only getting information for the electric usage on my in home display. Having spoken to two different bulb reps about this and being given two different reasons why I’m unable to receive any information regarding the gas usage . Reason 1 was that the gas meter hadn’t been added to my account, Reason 2 was that the meter hadn’t been set up to send regular usage information. Now like most people, I’m at a disadvantage because of not knowing an awful lot about this new technology, so now I’ve got to wait till my next bill is generated ( 13th of the month. ) and everything will be sorted, so I’m told. Has anyone else had the same issue as me.

Has anyone else had the same issue as me.

I believe an odd one or two customers have had this problem. =)

Further details of the same issues you are encountering is in a multitude of threads on this forum. Have you checked any of these postings?

Hi @Ihd123, very sorry about this. We are looking into these issues as we speak. This blog post may be able to provide more info - https://bulb.co.uk/blog/in-home-display-and-smart-update