I might have a fix for the IHD not showing Gas/Elec/Anything and not reporting usage

I had a Bulb Smart Meter installed in November in a property that I am refurbishing for rental.

I have never had a Smart Meter/IHD before - so had no prior experience and was astonished at how crap these “Smart” meters turned out to be.

The Gas and Electricity meters are approx 4 metres apart and mounted, exposed at a height of about 7ft, on internal walls with no boxing (that would impact the signal) but the gas is in the garage and the electric meter is in the hall. Between the two, is the kitchen where we were later (spoiler alert) to put the non functioning IHD.

The installer did a great job, but when he handed me the IHD, it was only showing electricity consumption and not gas - which he said often happened and that the Gas readings could show up approx two days later.

This didn’t make any sense and sure enough, two days later, what did the IHD show? You guessed it… as others here have mentioned, the display neither showed electricity (which had disappeared) or gas usage - despite that it showed it had a 5 bar signal.

Well, no amount of turning the IHD on and off again, rebooting it, or hitting “My IHD isn’t showing anything” button on the web site did anything. So following a process published here, I unplugged the IHD from the power and let it run down until it didn’t work - but that achieved nothing, as it still didn’t work. HOWEVER I did all this while the IHD was sat in the kitchen - approx equal distance between the two meters.

I then remembered, that when the installer set up and presented me with the meter originally, we were stood next to the gas meter with the IHD - not in the kitchen where it lives now. So, I again ran the IHD out of juice, so much so, that it could no longer manage to display “Chameleon” in yellow before powering down due to lack of battery power. Now, the juice was so low, that on pressing the power button, it was only able to flash a blank white screen and then die again.

I then took the (completely and utterly out of juice IHD) out to the garage and next to the gas meter and plugged it into the power supply there - whereupon it shot into life and started displaying BOTH gas and electricity usage within about 60 secs. What’s more, for the first time ever, BOTH gas and electric usage are showing up on the web page.

We’ll see how it goes, but fingers crossed, it is now working as intended for the first time since installation. Nevertheless, I feel sorry for bulb, because the Chameleon IHD/Landis and Gyr Meters/3G Data network pairing is obviously really shonky and at this late stage in Smart Meter rollout, seems to still be on a wing and a prayer - when the entire thing should be much more stable and mature by now.

The good news, is that It has taught me a lesson for when Bulb ask me the next time if I want a Smart Meter installed in my own home - and that will only happen now when hell freezes over…

Hi @paul8134 Thank you for sharing that with us and the community. I am sorry that the monitor took so long to work.

We’ve reported this and other similar issues to the device manufacturer, Smart network and we’re working alongside them to come up with solutions to prevent this in future. The plan is that is that we will be doing a firmware upgrade on these monitors to improve them.

For anyone else experiencing similar problems to the above, We do suggest keeping the Wifi on if possible so we can do these upgrades