I need a new meter fitting

I need a new meter fitting and I feel I am being passed from pillar to post as no one will give me a concrete answer. My electric meter is smart with WAN connection and my gas meter is a NSS nonsmart smet meter and I’ve been told I cannot have a new meter fitted. I cannot read my gas meter as the battery has gone therefore knowing how much gas we are using and at this time I want to be able to budget according to my usage.
Can someone please help.
Plus no one is answering the helpline and you can never get to speak to anyone on the online chat as no one is ever available. Such a hard company to get in touch with.

Hey Loraine,

I’d love to help you. If you have an NSS gas meter (I like to call these Not So Smart meters) we can look into replacing it if the meter screen has died.

Just sending you an email now Loraine.

Thanks for posting about your issue :relaxed: