I need a Smart Meter Installed?

I had smart meters installed by Scottish Power over a year ago, and my gas meter failed on Hogmanay which resulted in my meter being switched for an old card meter, which was great, but they refused to exchange the smart electricity meter and wanted to charge me a fortune for Direct Debit, so I decided to switch to Bulb this month as they have a better system, albeit I’m still having to go Direct Debit. I read on your FAQs that you will switch old meters for smart meters, so I was not concerned about my switch, but after speaking with Edward at your call centre I am not convinced anymore. He didn’t seem to be confident that this was something you would carry out, and I’ve already waited 5 days on a reply and do not wish to wait another 5 as I haven’t got a top-up card for yourselves so I cannot put gas in my meter. With the colder weather coming in I do not want to have any issues right now. I have £10 currently in my meter and that won’t last me the weekend. Please advise on when you can arrange an installation.

I will be keeping a record of this but hope that I do not need to contact the Ombudsman again about these meters.