I need advice what can I do?

Hi, I have top-up service from Bulb. I very hate that I need a top-up. I would like to change to smart meter the services but I found applying parts only the normal meters costumers. What is the method for me if I want a change to a smart meter?
Every advice Thank You George

Please see: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360016323991-Can-I-exchange-my-prepayment-meter-

Please, can you let me know where should seek for Gas meeter check. My house has dual energy and gas is used only for heating (boiler). At the current moment the boiler is switched off completely and water is heated by electrical water tank. I have noticed that Gas meeter reading jumped 10 m3 from last meeter reading. (Between 3rd of August and 3rd of September 2019). I do not feel gas smell inside of the house, it might be hard to smell outside. I am curious where 10m3 gas units have disappeared? (House does not have any other gas appliance, except boiler.) - This has been resolved