I put credit on an sse gas card that doesn't work and now I'm with bulb?

I was with sse, but around June, it seems I changed to bulb, now I don’t remember doing this but it seems sse sold millions of its customers so maybe I was put with bulb or maybe I completed a transfer over the phone and don’t remember.

However my gas card is an sse card and I put credit on it, it turns out I have two of these cards and this was the wrong card and gives me an error when I put it into the meter, do you know how I can retrieve this credit, would it be through sse or bulb?

SSE “sold” all their retail customers to OVO, so it is likely that you made the switch.
Bulb may refund your credit, but I think they will refer you to SSE/OVO

Hi @Rams1,

You’ll need to get in touch with SSE/OVO to get this credit back unfortunately.