I really need to get a Smart Meter

Hi I really need to get a Smart Meter installed ASAP as I am finding it difficult to read the meter without standing on steps. How much longer will it be before this can be done.
Thank you

Hi @tedpratt Welcome to the Bulb Community :wave:

You should be able to book a smart installation here https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard/smart/install

I’d advise following the link as soon as possible, as our current engineer capacity is reduced in most regions, meaning appointment availability is limited.

Please let me know if you have any questions

@tedpratt… To be honest I wouldn’t be in a rush… It is a complete waste of time. We have had a smart meter now for over 6 months and we can’t get a smart meter tariff and our reading have been estimated for the last three months anyway. We have tried speaking to bulb about this but to no avail. we are currently looking at other suppliers that have working smart tariffs to go with the smart meters.
Bulb Smart meters are a complete waste of time!

Have you actually googled “are smart meters a good idea”

I work in IT secuirty and would never have a smart meter unless of course you like fire hazards, not care about your security and dont mind bills being more expensive - they categorically dont save you money!

Hi @Omendata, I’d quite like to counter your points on this. :deciduous_tree:

Firstly, smart meters are very safe and are not fire hazards. Not only are all of the smart meters themselves rigorously tested but also all of our engineers are very highly trained and are on the Gas Safe Register. In fact, some of our engineers have actually flagged pre-existing dangerous situations like poor wiring and fuse boxes and thereby have potentially prevented a risky situation.

Secondly, at Bulb we take data security extremely seriously. Not only do we limit the number of people who have access to our smart data to a small team, we also take every precaution at every stage to ensure our member’s data is secure.

Finally, I believe smart meters are a really good way to save money. We only have a 1 tariff at Bulb so if you’ve got a 1-rate traditional credit meter or a 1-rate smart meter, the unit rate is the same. So a smart meter is not more expensive but it is a useful tool to be aware of what you’re spending. At Bulb, we’re really excited about the possibility of our member’s becoming energy managers and not just consumers. Having a smart meter is a great way to move in this direction.

I have a SMETS2 with Bulb at my home and I personally have found it very useful way to save some cash. Particularly, if I compared to how I used to run my energy account when I had traditional credit meters. :zap:

Well you do work for bulb so i would not expect you to say anything else.

You can counter all you want but with 40 years in IT security, electronics design and systems programming i can tell you are categorically wrong on each point - first of all there have been numerous fires caused by smart meters incorrectly installed, incompatability of meters between dfifferent suppliers causing all manner of switching issues and due to the way they are now built and overload the main fuse in your distribution box and increase electricity useage - I am not going to mention the security aspects you can google it if you want but as an ex hacker myself i will just tell you that NOTHING is secure - all it would take would be for me to drop a few usb sticks outside your main offices with a label on it stating top security finance documents and someone will take it to their office and try and open it - boom there goes my autoloading worm or document attachment and i am in - We have been doing this for many years as security consultants and no companies are secure. Your data may have 256 bit encryption when transmitted wirelessly but nothing is ever secure and when quantum computers become a reality it will be even worse!

I know you are bigging up your employer but no one is safe and its not getting better with security these days its actually getting worse!

How did you actually compare - do you have a custom designed spreadsheet that tracks your monthly meter readings like i do or are you just guessing hmmm

I also suggest you read up on dimmer switches, new led bulb and smart gadgets and the effect they have on electricity waveforms and also google “inductive loads” or check the problems they have had in France with them!
Although i dont completely agree with the concerns the RF emitted by smart meters has been touted as making people ill (" **The US safety limit for RF Radiation is 1,000 micro-watts per meter squared. Some smart meters emit up to 60 times that, or 60,000 micro-watts per meter squared." take from that what you will but i taske no chances and TRUST NO 1!
If there is a possibility of a risk then i would rather avoid it!
Smart meters would do me no good as i am smart enough to manage my electricity without another computer in the cupboard.

For a start the wifi chips inside smart meters are one of the biggest suckers of leccie - just check your smartphone battery when its on for proof of this and if this is tied to the live side of your feed you are paying for it although i think Smets2 are not now!

Here is an old article - have a read you may learn something!

But dont mislead people it makes Bulb look bad and as I have just joined its not a good start to hear that from someone working for bulb!

Smart meters are just a way of utility companies trying to automate everything and save money nothing to do with helping the customer do you really believe the hype dude cmon you need to get smart not get a smart meter - yet again more people lose their jobs as computers take over the meter readings and do you think the constant upping of bills is just because of oil prices - if thats the case we should be paying 1p per kwh now lol - someone has to pay for smart meters and you have fallen for the hype dude!