I received a £961.32 final bill: There must have been a mistake!

I’m moving out, and I’ve just received my final bill. Bulb say that I’ve used £961.32 of energy since 17th September 2021. How’s that even possible? I’ve investigated, and I think the problem relies in the fact that there is a huge discrepancy in what they estimated and what I actually consumed.

As of 15th September, my input for electricity and gas usage reads 25510 and 4779 respectively. However, on 17th September they estimated a Night electricity usage of 20728. Why? Also, on 9th October (my moving out date), I inputted 25551 and 4784, but they signed 25551 for Night usage and 25564 for Standard although my electricity meter registers only one number, as shown in the pic attached. What is this mess?

Pic: https://ibb.co/vqGKQMP

Looks like you may (accidentally) be on two rates, whereas you need be just on one. You’ve probably been charged for the night rate as well as your normal rate for the same time period. I’m sure Bulb will look into this for you if you contact them.

Hi Anton, do you at which phone number I can reach them?

0300-303-0635 or email help@bulb.co.uk.

There’s also online chat via their website or the app, but that is very busy at the moment.

If you’re lucky, they’ll also see your post here. Good luck.

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I called and luckily they sorted it out. It turns out that they actually need to refund me £40.12. Thanks Anton and well done Bulb.

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Hi @antonuccig :wave: so glad to hear you got this sorted and a big thank you to @Anton59 for pointing you in the right direction. We love to see it :partying_face:

–KT :bulb:

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