I send readings, Bulb don’t use them

My smart meter doesn’t work so I sent readings on 31st March and 9th April (my statement date) and Bulb still estimate my bill.
They also don’t answer emails but that’s another story

If you send readings two/three days before the date of your bill, you should be fine. The dates you mention above won’t have been used, as you’ve seen.

Hello @Liz22 Thanks for your post.

As @Anton59 has said the best time to submit reading is two/three days before the bill is due, we can see you have emailed in and waiting on a reply, as it contains more account specific information we will email you directly to continue to discuss this.

–Carl :bulb:

I sent a reading on 9th March, it was used. Sent a reading on 9th April not used.

The following is from the email from Bulb telling me my latest statement is available.
‘We used your meter readings from 9th April to calculate your usage. This means everything’s up to date’.
They clearly didn’t use my meter readings as the bill is estimated.

Hi @Liz22 :wave:

Thanks for your patience and I apologise for the delay in getting back to you on this. I have had a look over your account and it does not look like we got a reading from you on 9th April to include in your statement.

It appears we have updated your account now using your actual readings. Like @Anton59 mentioned you need to be submitting your meter readings 1-3 days before your billing date. If you are unsure they have uploaded then you can always double check we have received them in your Bulb account.


Jen :star: