I signed up for the FIT over a month ago but haven't heard anything?

Can some one check the status for me please?

@brooky_agb There has been massive demand for our FIT and so we have not managed to get round to quite as many switches as we can get. We should be getting round to your FIT request over the next week or so though. Apologies for the wait.

Ah ok thanks Dan. It just said 21 days so expected it done by now. Thanks for the update.

@brooky_agb We’re really sorry it has taken longer than expected but have made changes to how our FIT team is structured so we are now more efficient at dealing with signups. We’ll be in touch soon :slight_smile:

Dan, I also have been waiting for some time to be contacted about FIT signup. Could you let me know when this will happen. Bulb seemed so efficient that I was surprised that this didn’t happen quickly.

@BenF We should get to your application over the next week or two. Apologies for the delay, our FIT is still in its beta phase.