I switched in October but Bulb have kept my gas account live and will no longer respond to emails

On 17 September I initiated a switch to Shell Energy via USwitch
On 25 September I recieved an email from Bulb confirming notification of the switch (and numerous phone calls to try and get me to stay)
After providing my final Gas and Electric meter readings, Shell confirmed that my account went live as of 7 October and they were now providing me with gas and electric
On 18 October I recieved a response to my query to Bulb as to why they had not yet confirmed me leaving, saying it normally takes up to 6 weeks and to wait
On 10 November after waiting more than 6 weeks since the original notification to switch, a bulb agent told me that they were still providing with gas and only electric had been switched. No reason was given as to why I was still being supplied with gas from Bulb
I have since sent numorous emails and have now initiated an official complaint. To which no one has been in touch.
Shell have confirmed that they are the suppliers for my gas and electric (as requested) so I am now paying for two energy suppliers. If I cancel my DD with Bulb (which in all honesty may at least get a response from them) could affect my credit rating.
This is causing me no end of anxiety and needs to be sorted now. Please someone look iknto my account and get in touch immediately.

Hi @damob, welcome to Community!

Thank you for letting me know about your issue. I’m going to pop you an email and raise a complaint for you now. I can see your gas account should have ended on the 7th along with your electric so I’m very sorry this didn’t happen. I’ll make sure this gets sorted for you now.

All the best,