I switched to Bulb in the middle of a meter change before the database has been updated. What happens next?

I switched to a second generation smart meter with SSE and they took a final reading, but my so my new readings will differ hugely from my new meters, so how will Bulb know I have new Meters when billing

Every meter has a unique serial number called a MPAN. This database is accessible by all energy suppliers.

Isn’t the meter serial number different to the MPAN?

MPAN identifies the property rather than the actual meter.

If a meter is replaced the meter serial number changes but not the MPAN.

Oh, my mistake. But surely there is some database of mapping MPANs to properties so if a meter has been changed the database should be updated?

I’m in the same boat as you as to my understanding of the process.

A meter will be associated with a MPAN in the national database and if the meter changes then the new meter (and new serial number) will be associated with the same MPAN.

So says Bulb: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115001228451-Meter-serial-numbers

Thank you Allanr and The Valleys for your help, hopefully when I give my next meter readings Bulb will have up dated to my new meters from my old ones.

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If you old meters are still showing up on your Bulb account, then it sounds like SSE haven’t correctly updated the national database with your new information. This is likely a fault that SSE will have to resolve, but Bulb should liaise with them for you.

Thank you Hooloovoo that is exactly what has happened, I was part way through the first month of the quarter when SSE fitted the new 2nd gen meters on the 2nd Dec and so now that I switched because my 3 year contract has come to an end SSE has not yet updated the new meter numbers.
I have given Bulb the readings from that old meters that were taken by the fitter at the time of the new meters installation no the 2nd Dec.
my new readings are Electric 00019 and Gas 0008. so are going to be wrong and by my calculations I will still owe SSE an additional total of £10.65 from the new meter readings to date of my new Bulb start date. Thank you again Community for you quick help and response.

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I don’t wish to worry you, but Bulb also don’t seem very good when it comes to timely updates of meter information, and switching supplier in the middle of a meter swap probably isn’t the best of ideas. This will probably take a few months to resolve properly.

In the mean time, I’d suggest taking photos of your meters once a week to ensure you have a good log of your actual usage. Your smart meters wont be working properly yet in terms of automatically supplying meter readings. At least you have the closing readings for the old meters as well, so it’s just a metter of waiting for someone to sort out the paperwork.

Sound advice Hooloovoo I will do that and keep a spread sheet, like I have with SSE for the last 10 years.
many thanks.

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Hi Hooloovoo Problem solved I have had my final Gas and Electric bills from SSE, my new smart meter numbers are now linked to my account and I have had a refund from SSE. I took your advice and have kept a record and photos of old and new meter reading in a spread sheet just in case. The community is very help full. Thank you all.

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Glad to hear it’s all sorted out and you had a successful community experience :grinning: