I’ve been ridiculously stupid

Before anyone says anything, I know I’ve been stupid. My pre paid gas meter has ran out (completely forgotten to top up due to being unwell) and I can’t find my card to top it up. I’ve looked everywhere. As well as that, I’m awaiting covid test results so I can’t even leave the house. I’m on my own with a 5 year old and we’re freezing - got the money here, but no top up card and no way to leave the house. Tried to get in touch with an advisor to get one of those receipt code things that someone else could pick up for me (they kindly done that at the beginning when I didn’t get my card through the post) but nobody is available, likely as it’s the weekend I’m guessing. We have no heating, no hot water and I’m unwell and just have no clue what to do. I don’t think anyone here will be able to resolve this, as it’s my own fault for forgetting, I’ve never done this before. I just feel helpless, just need to hold out hope that I find it to get emergency credit added.

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I am sure there is an energancy number you can ring just for some emergency like this does anyone know who to contact in an emergency.


See if there is a number on the front of the meter!



emergency@bulb.co.uk, or phone 0300 30 30 635, should put you through to someone

Hi @Ckh

I’m really sorry to hear this situation arose, it’s an easy mistake to make and I apologize it left you in such a bad position.

For future reference, if you need weekend support @skippy64 is correct - you can email emergency@bulb.co.uk or call 0300 30 30 635 and you’ll be redirected to our emergency out of hours service.

If you haven’t already you can also give that number a ring now and an agent will be able to sort the gas card for you. It may also be worth enquiring about moving to credit meters (paying via direct debit) if you’d find that easier than topping up.