I’ve just switched to bulb

I’ve just switched to bulb but haven’t had any confirmation whatsoever

Hey @Bernardreynolds

It can take some time for things to migrate over to Bulb, hang tight! If you click on this handy link, you’ll be able to see your dashboard and track your switch: https://account.bulb.co.uk/dashboard

Welcome to Bulb!

Unless they’ve changed things since I joined (Dec last year) you should have received a ‘Well hello there!’ email with your welcome pack and a timeline of the planned switchover. If you haven’t (and you’ve checked your spam folder ‘just in case’), I’d suggest dropping them an email or calling them (see https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115001240291-How-can-I-get-in-touch-with-Bulb- ) as there may be an issue with your email address.

I’ve just switched to bulb but haven’t had any confirmation whatsoever Help!

You should have received regular progress emails between joining Bulb and the actual switch. From then you will receive regular monthly emails, advising you to submit meter readings followed a couple of days later to advise your statement is available.

Hi there @Bernardreynolds as the other guys said you should be getting regular updates by email, starting with a welcome pack by email the day you started your switch then a few other bits and pieces as the switch goes through. If you haven’t had anything from us yet, I’d recommend checking your spam and junk folders to see if the emails are going there, and otherwise if you wouldn’t mind emailing help@bulb.co.uk or giving us a ring on 0300 30 30 635 from 9:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday we may well have your email address wrong, we’ll need to correct that