I want a smart meter!

I have had solar panels fitted to my bungalow and once or twice a year when the sun shines my system is feeding electricity back into the grid.
I can’t “sell” it as I haven’t got a smart meter and Bulb aren’t fitting them.
Can one fit ones own smart meter?

Hey @CRD Thanks for your post. It may be the case that your current electric setup does not support smart meters.

We would need to find out a bit more so we can review this. Are you able to confirm how many wires are at the bottom of your meter, do you have 4, 5 or 6?

–Carl :bulb:

Hi Carl
I have checked the meter and there are 4 wires
2 in and 2 out

I wanted a smart meter too I’ve moved into a flat and u said because this address had already been supplied with one I couldn’t have one.


The more I hear I know why they went down the pan!

Hi @CRD :wave: I can see we have been in touch with you over email about this and unfortunately at the moment we cannot install smart meters for you. Once this is possible the option to book a smart meter exchange will appear in your Bulb Account.

Hi @ejbnm2016 :wave: Welcome to Community. I can see you have the first generation of smart meters and these are connected to the smart network and working as they should. In this case, as you have working smart meters we wouldn’t replace these with new smart meters.

Let me know if you have any questions about this,

– KT :bulb: