I want out ! Bill 148 for one bedroom flat

First Im trying for two months to move from Bulb but is impossible because they cut off all the contracts with other companies … because they are in remission …so I can’t leave .
Second I leave in a small one bedroom flat and my bill was 148…how ? From 60-80 last year …when I know people with a house and 2.3 bedrooms and they pay 100 ? Howwww
I want out

Firstly, was your bill based on actual meter readings and did you provide readings in the two days before your bill was raised? If not, Bulb use estimates. Is the £148 you mention the monthly DD or the actual bill itself?

Bulb can’t stop you moving unless you’re in arrears. The problem is, companies are currently not letting anyone move to them. Don’t blame Bulb for your remaining with them. You’re free to go, if you can!!

Are u serious? So everytime I go on GoCompare and uSwitch telling me u are in remission and basically u don’t work with other companies are Lying ? But some companies are working with u but not the Cheap Ones … Is free information
And secondly if I have a debt with you and I want out … before wasn’t a problem wasn’t it when Bulb actually took me from a company that I have 100 ponds debt? My debt with Bulb when actually Bulb is putting me in this situation has nothing to do with me leaving …stop lying…is free information on Google …

Oh Bulb use estimates…so why is a wireless reading on the meter if is not accurate?so I have to pay for your estimate…right ?
So full of lies …

I don’t work for Bulb. I’m just a customer like you offering some advice.

My apologies …I am sorry sir :hugs:

Hopefully, someone from Bulb will give you the reply you’re after. They’re not back until Monday.

Hello @Bella

Thanks for your post.

We are sorry that due to your experience you are looking at leaving us, we do not wish for you to leave but we do not charge exit fees and you are welcome to speak with other suppliers.

Due to the current climate many suppliers are suggesting not to switch but if you use a comparison website, give the supplier a call and they should be able to talk you through the switch.

Your payment has increased because we can see you have been using more than we predicted at the start, Bulb has also had a few price increases since you started. Your increased usage and price increases would be why the payments have gone up.

If you feel that this is causing difficulty we would suggest changing the way you pay to for example a pay as you go meter or following steps to reduce your bills like these energy saving tips.

Let us know if you have any questions.

–Carl :bulb: