I want to be able to change the graph parameters on my usage graph

I find the usage graphs quite limiting as they only show a default number of months. I want to be able to change the graph parameters so I can see the trend over a full 12 or 18 months. At the moment I can only see 2 months actual usage which is not very helpful. I am maintaining a spreadsheet with all my readings in but it would be much easier to have this provided on the usage dashboard. Has anyone found a way to change the number of historic months shown?

Not available as of yet. As I understand it Bulb are working on the software, but of course code takes time to develop.

The benefit of your own spreadsheet is that it doesn’t change when you switch supplier, so you’re probably better off continuing as you are anyway.

If you rotate to portrait view on a tablet device BEFORE selecting the usage option, then it shows 12 months but only 5 from the past are completed (incorrectly) for me with 7 being future estimates.

For those on economy 7 tariff the electric part of graph is wrong so for me even the 5 months past usage it does show are pretty useless.

It would also be great (from a motivational point of view) to KEEP the estimates that bulb has been using to calculate my fees and compare them with actual costs each month. In that way I can see both why the estimates are changing AND whether I’ve managed to improve my consumption patterns (and “beat the system”)

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Hi @Tracy_bishop1

@Hooloovoo is right, this is something that we’re aware of and working on. @“Ana at Bulb” has spoken about this in another thread not long ago:

One of the reasons this bug has been around for a particularly long time: we’re hoping to completely rebuild the Bulb Account usage graph soon. The Smart Pod will be working on a way to have a graph that is useful for smart meters but at the same time is a great experience for all other types of meters (including E7). We’d love your feedback on it when it’s complete!

@thirstforwine We love the idea of having a bit of healthy competition in energy saving.

@“Jenna at Bulb” and her Bulb labs team ran a similar test not long ago. They were looking at how a financial incentives to avoid using energy at peak times would impact people’s behavoiurs. You can take a look at the resuluts in our blog.

Do you think financial incentives on top of saving on energy bills is needed? Or are there other ways we can encourage energy saving behaviours?