I want to join once I've moved home

I’m moving to a new home at the end of June and would like to use Bulb as my energy supplier. The What to do if I’m moving to a new home page has the following:

Avoid delays by calling the current supplier at the property to set up an account with them.

Is this necessary? My soon-to-be home is currently supplied by SSE. Do I need to call them now and set up an account, and also tell them that I’ll be switching to Bulb as soon as I actually move in? What kind of delays could I expect if I don’t do this?

Apologies for the barrage of questions - a bit of clarity around this point could help though!

“Is this necessary?”

Yes, unfortunately.

“What kind of delays could I expect if I don’t do this?”

They’ll probably block the switch until there’s an account set up for the property.

Thanks phproxy. I’ve called them and they’ve indicated it’s a pay-as-you-go meter, and the service will remain on. They’ve also said that I can’t set up an account yet because you need to provide meter readings in order to do so (which I won’t have until I move in).