I want to know what hours my Economy 7 meter is on cheap rate

I want to know what hours my Economy 7 meter is on cheap rate.
Bulb’s FAQ says " Q. What are my off-peak hours for economy 7? A. Each meter is unique and has different off-peak hours. But the majority tend to set their off-peak hours between 00:30 — 7:30."
This suggests Bulb don’t control the hours. Elsewhere on Ecotricity’s site I’ve heard that it depends on where you live as well as your supplier.
How do I find out for sure what hours my meter is using?

Hi @MattSwan . We indeed not control the hours where your specific meter switches from registering your Day usage to registering the Night usage. This specifically depends on your specific meter setup, which can vary depending on where you live in that some suppliers tend to install specific meter types in specific regions, but in the end it is specifically the meter set-up that determines the hours.

For your meter, your Night usage is registered from 0030-0730 each day. :slight_smile:

ok thanks @“Erwin at Bulb” ! So although you don’t control the hours, you are able to detect what they are for each individual meter.

@MattSwan Exactly! We receive the technical details from the previous supplier when someone switches to us and we double check this with the national meter database.

This will include your SSC, which stands for the “Standard Settlement Configuration”. Each SSC has their specific TPR, which then stands for the “Time Pattern Regime”. The TPR determines when your Day and your Night usage is registered on your meter :).

A bit technical, but hopefully it gives a bit more indication how we follow the specific meter setup :slight_smile:

Just as an added extra.
It often says on the meter somewhere, but not always

Also do actually check the switch over times, it all happens in the meter to move to the other dial or digital counter.
Often the time is not quite correct (ours was always half an hour or so out, which did benefit us, I don’t have one any more) so it’s worth watching around the switch over time to see when it does actually switch.
The dial ones can get well out and the digital ones no so bad.
Do note it GMT time. So ignore BST time in the summer
Unless things have changed in the past few years.