I want to leave

Why I here you say, you have only just joined . Why because you knew about the price hike and didn’t bother to inform me . So I’m leaving to go back to Scottish power because I feel you lied to me

Go for it son

Thanks for getting in touch - We’ve tried to be transparent about these price rises. Our blog has posted on it in August, you received an email from us after switching through a price comparison website and we updated our own website to let our members know that wholesale prices had risen and if they didn’t go down that we’d have to raise our prices.

You are of course free to leave if you’d like to go back to Scottish Power though, we don’t have exit fees or fixed contract lengths and you have until the 11th November before the price rise is implemented.

Unfortunately I recommended my daughter to sign up to bulb and now “third” price increase this year! Bulb keep saying they’ve lowered their prices in the past! Well this is the future and bulb have put their prices up the most out of all the companies! Why? Cos they can! They now have some clout because a lot of new customers signed with them and hey let’s hit everyone with 11.1% ! Last year it was the forties oil pipeline going to Grange mouth terminal that they said gas would go up because it was shutdown for repairs! Funny as I put on the blog the gas goes into st.fergus ,north east Scotland,I informed bulb that most of our gas comes from Norway via easington into NAT grid and a lot got pumped into rough field storage! Now lo and behold this time it’s Norwegian rigs on extended shutdown that’s banged the prices up,the bulb office didn’t know about Norwegian gas (from north sea) till I told them! They thought it came from Russia! We don’t get any gas from Russia! I’ve worked for 35 yrs in gas and oil industry ,gas rigs oilrigs and refineries so I know where everything goes! Worked on forties alpha,Charlie and delta and it was me who posted the north sea map last Xmas to show where gas and oil went and the gas doesn"'t go down the oil pipeline! So with that said I’m going to enstroga!!! Anyone for a fixed price change?

11.1% is highway robbery and all the talk about bulb being green this and that is a ploy! They are as greedy as the big six,no greedier! P rices would soon drop if everyone went elsewhere! Enstroga is my next supplier! Join me and give these greedy bulb toffs the Welly!

As we have said before @John2152 we have to increase prices when wholesale prices of gas go up as electricity prices are directly linked to that.

We have tried to be as transparent about this as possible, if you want to read more please have a look at this blog

We don’t like increasing our prices, and we’re sorry you feel this way.