I want to refer my mum

Hi I would like to refer my Mum, but she uses my email address as she’s 76 and doesn’t use email, but the sight won’t let me register her.


Hi @shauna2186 , thanks for your post. You should be able to refer your mum, can you let me know what your process is? Are you clicking on the referral link and signing up through the unique web page? Can you let me know what the error message is stating that is preventing you from signing up?

We’ll be happy to get this sorted for you. Cheers!

Hi yes I’m going through the referral link. I can enter all her details including her card, but at the end it says error you are already registered with us. Thanks for your help.

@shauna2186 If you just sign her up separately, and let us know once that’s done, we’ll add the credit manually :slight_smile:

Ok thanks that’s great