I would like a smart meter display

Whenever I try to get information about a smart meter from bulb it just says I have one installed. It came with the house. I have no data from it, it does not automatically update my meter readings, and I have no smart meter display, so its useless. Can I get a smart meter display from Bulb, how do I do this? I’m keen to get data about usage.

My smart gas meter was replaced on 6th July due to battery failure, I have always submitted my meter reading using the smart meter display. I now have to stand on a chair and use a torch to read the meter as it is in a cupboard at ceiling height. I am a 72 year old female and this is unacceptable

I was telephoned on 14th July and offered a smart meter to enable Pay as You Go, but have heard nothing since, anyone else having a similar problem

Hey @feneli thanks for your post on community.

You have first generation smart meters and up until recently, these were only smart with the supplier who installed them. We’ve been working on upgrading all of these meters so that we can start communicating with them. This will be happening over 2022-2023 and you’ll receive an email letting you know when we’ve been able to turn your meters smart again.

While you wait, you’ll have to continue submitting manual meter readings through your Bulb Account, to ensure your statements are accurate.

This also means that if you were given an In-Home Display (IHD) by your previous supplier, it won’t work or show the correct information until we can connect with your meters. We also wouldn’t install a new smart meter for you as your current setup will be “turning smart”

@Vonnieh We are sorry that you have been left waiting on a response, we are going to chase this up with the colleague handling your case so you can get a response.

–Carl :bulb: