Iconography at Bulb

Icons communicate a lot in a very small space. That’s what makes them so useful. They help our members to navigate around our digital spaces so they can find what they need, fast. In our latest blog post, Bulb designer Riccardo explains how we’ve made our icons feel like a part of the Bulb family.

Not only do they guide members but they also emphasise the Bulb brand by being dynamic and energetic. That’s why there is such a fine balancing act between being functional as guides and remaining expressive.

The criteria were very straightforward, as you would expect from Bulb:

  • We want our icons to be robust, simple and personal.
  • They need to be easy to understand.
  • Their style takes the lead from the Bulb logo. Each icon needs to have a feeling of momentum and flow.

Our new iconography family

The icons I designed for the Bulb account and app solved the problems we had. They reflect shapes from the logo and our illustrations, so they can get to work in our products straight away. They also have a human feel, avoiding surgical perfection and sharp edges.

-Iconography piece

Spot the similarities

green energy_larger Move_Larger (1)

They new icons are flexible and dynamic

You can have a look at the whole icon family in Bulb’s Design System. It’s ever-expanding and we keep on adding more. Creating some simple principles for our icons has made the job of creating them much easier.

If you’re curious to see them in action, it’s the perfect excuse to download our app.

What do you think of the new icons, do you think there’s an icon we should include?

Broken image preview for “bulb light” - appears broken like many emoji and image previews do from other users.

Thanks @ryan4257, I’ve had a play around and got the image to work. We’ve flagged this issue with discourse and are waiting for the next version to be released to get the fix in the upate.

If you find that an emoji is broken you just need to edit the post again and put an extra space before it.

With images it’s best if they’re PNG rather than JPEG!

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