I'd like a smart meter but am unable to book the installation

I’m trying to book a Smart Meter installation (Pay As You Go), but when I click the link to check if I am eligible to have one I get this error message: “Unfortunately we’re currently unable to book a smart meter installation. Please try again later.”

Bulb, could you please help?

Hey @fernanda_vbr Welcome to our community :wave:

Sorry for the wait with your smart meter. It does seem like there may not be any availability in your region for an engineer to exchange this. How long have you had issues with booking this in for?

–Carl :bulb:

Hi, I’m trying to book a smart meter installation since last year, but that link has never worked. So, there’s no availability in my region? Any idea when there will be?

Hi @fernanda_vbr :wave:

We can get this raised as an escalation with our metering company Siemens to see what availability they can find. Before I do so, could you just answer these questions:

  • Is your meters easy to access? (2 ft free space and less than 8ft off the ground)
  • Is parking available near your property? Free/Pay & Display/Permit
  • Are there any vulnerabilities at the property?
  • Do you have any pets?
  • What is your availability like Monday to Friday?
  • Would you prefer a morning or afternoon slot?

– Meg :bulb: