I'd like a smart meter - how do i get one?

Do bulb install smart meters currently? I cant seem to find the answer to this, only information relating to switching with one already installed, or some stuff about PAYG smart rollout some time this year. I sent a web form request for more info but never had a response. Any ideas anyone?

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Do you really want a Smart meter? There appears to be a 34% failure rate nationally within the industry.
If you check this forum and google for issues then you may want to delay one until the industry gets it sorted.

Think you’ve hit the head on the nail there, best guesstimate is at least the back end of this year.
Won’t be holding my breath for a “fix” anytime soon(think BULB will sue me for using their catchall word?)


Yes Bulb are installing smart meters but they are being very selective about where they are installed. That is to maximise success. I submitted a request last year and it took over 6 months before I had a response.

They do not really have choice as it is founded by the state, so they are at the mercy of government’s policy… There is a body you can contact I supposed but as a guess not completely sure, they are simply called Smart Meters (something similar!)…
Otherwise I just found out that they are just installing old top up meter for a new top up smart reader… Here is the link to info: https://bulb.co.uk/smart-prepay/
Hope that helps