Idea for new gas meters

Hi there, I have an idea for the gas meters.

As you would know, at the moment, the gas meters turn off their displays after so long, to conserve battery life. My idea is to use an “e-ink” display in these meters. this would mean that once the display had been refreshed, the screen would keep that image, with no further use of battery life. It’s the same tech used in kindles. My idea with this is that for every 1000m3 (or however many of what unit) the display would refresh with this information. this could reduce the number of confused people with a blank display on the meter, and make the meter easier to read.

Let me know what you think!


Hi @izzyhunt,

That is a truly an awesome idea. You should send this feedback to Landis+Gyr who make lots of the SMETS2 meters.

I love my kindle, I’ve always wondered how they freeze the backgrounds but never looked it up. :thinking:

Hi noah! What would be the best way to do this? thank you!

Hi @izzyhunt, I don’t have a direct link to Landis & Gyr, but I can see that you can send them an email through the internal form on their website here.