IDEA: Tariff for EV owners

Have you guys ever considered doing a special tariff for EV owners, typically these will be much higher users of electricity than a typical household and from experience of speaking with EV owners the main reason for making the move is the move towards a greener solution than an ICE car, therefore, bulb is the ideal supplier of electricity having a 100% renewable status for EV owners.
There isn’t much in the market for EV owners and a potential untapped cohort for you, whilst small it’s not tiny and could help grow your customer base even further if you had an EV tariff granting either reduced kw costs given they will ultimately buy more in the longer run.

Hello @fellsteruk ,

I believe something like this is on the way - but it involves having a SMETS2 meter installed (which are slowly rolling out) which will allow “minute-by-minute” tariffs and therefore ‘Smart Tariffs’ see and . It’s still in testing though.

For the ultimate ‘green’ solution, you could combine the Smart Tariff charging with solar panels and Bulb’s Carbon bot ( ).

thanks i’ll take a look… I guess SMETS2 meters kinda do away with eco7 all together as you could have better tariff overnight than day with a SMETS2 meter :slight_smile: