Identify tariff info?


I’ve been with Bulb now for 3 months and thought I was on an economy 7 tariff (electric only); however, when i go to check my tariff details, I only see one “electricity unit rate” priced at 11.74 per KWh. Ideally i’d like to be paying cheaper during off-peak as that is when our storage heaters and boiler kick in - can anyone confirm to whether I am on an economy 7 tariff, and if so what the off-peak rate is?

If not - can they advise how I would switch to an economy 7 tariff?


@DYYW, presuming you have an Economy 7 meter, give Bulb a ring and they’ll be able to switch tariffs for you. If it shows just the one unit rate, you’ll be on the single rate tariff.

This recent thread has a handy table of new rates:

@DYYW I’m glad my colleague Dot was able to help you here. :slight_smile: