If I install Photovoltaic panels, will Bulb pay me for the surplus electricity I generate?

If I install Photovoltaic panels, will Bulb pay me for the surplus electricity I generate. If so, how much and for how long?

@FrancisB, Bulb is a FiT licensee, so you’d get standard FiT rates:

Thanks @mowcius, @FrancisB if those rates are what you’re looking for then you can sign up to get your FiT payments from Bulb through https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115003599871-I-have-solar-panels-Can-I-get-my-FIT-payments-from-Bulb-

David at Bulb.

When I joined Bulb I was told that you did not accept a FIT transfer, so I stayed with my old firm.

Also when changing suppliers and wish them to take on the FIT you have to send all the original paperwork for solar to them.

@Peter_H We have only fairly recently been offering the FiT so let us know if you would be interested in switching your FiT payments to us.


Thanks for the info. I have only been with you since August. I really see no point in changing this over. I would have thought that the Government would have paid it direct.

How do you pay FIT. I currently get FIT from British Gas who pay by cheque, and even when I was a BG customer for energy paying by DD still paid my FIT by cheque. My preferred option would be a direct transfer to my bank account.

@KenV We can add it to your Bulb account or refund it to your bank account.

@“DanP at Bulb” Would you please let me have details of how I go about transferring across to Bulb for payment of my FIT payments.

@“DanP at Bulb” Sorry ignore my previous post, I see the link is further up this discussion.

Do bulb rent solar panels?

Hi @sam No, this isn’t something that we do at the moment :slight_smile: