If my account is in credit, please stop charging me, and refund the balance

Hi there.

I am a Bulb customer, and my account is in credit by over £300 because your estimates for my usage have been way too high.

I have regularly supplied accurate meter readings, yet you still insist on taking monthly payments from my account.

I have tried to reduce my monthly payments to zero, but you have set a minimum of £5, even though my account is in credit.

It’s not acceptable that you choose to hold such a huge balance of my money in your account.

Please can you refund the credit balance in my account, and also allow me to request a refund via the website.


They are doing the same with me, being over charged with random over inflated estimates which are very high even when submitting actual meter reading. I have a very low usage. It’s very difficult to chat with them online, no response to emails, do they even have customer support. Might swap to pure planet which has a much better customer support that actually reply back (recommend by fam)


That’s not how monthly payment systems work, with any energy supplier.

See: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115003405632-Payments-and-statements


@Hooloovoo yes, I’m aware of how it works.

But just because this is how Bulb (or “any energy supplier”) works, that doesn’t mean it can’t work any other way.

Can you think of a good reason why they keep £300 on my account and then suggest taking £54 per month when I’m using less than £20?


That’s true, it could work another way. But if you want it to work another way you’re going to have to become a customer of a different company. The monthly payment goes out every month regardless of the state of your account, that’s just how it is and what you agreed to when becoming a customer.

Because you’re most likely going to be using considerably more energy as we head into the winter months, and heating is required. The idea is to build up credit over the summer to help pay the large winter bills.

Remember, you’re in full control of your direct debit payment. You can set it to whatever you like. If £54 is too much then you could have just reduced it. There’s no reason at all why you needed to allow £300 of credit to build up.

Bulb can refund some of your credit. To do this you’ll need to follow the instructions for the process as detailed in the help section - just search for the word “refund” if you haven’t yet found it.

An alternative is to just change your direct debit amount down to the minimum £5 for a little while to allow your credit to be used up, and then increase it again to something reasonable.

Have you investigated why your meter readings aren’t being used? Are you submitting them at the right time, a couple of days before your statement is generated?


Hi there, same issue with me. Could I please have a refund as I have over £300 also? Thanks, Kyle

I’m approaching £500 :stuck_out_tongue:

Their estimates are rubbish, but that’s true of every supplier out there… Just reduce your payments to make it fall again.

That’s not true. They all have different approaches to estimating and also credit refunds. Bulb could take on good practice from another supplier where automatic refunds are issued when credit exceeds a preset amount.

No excuse for £500 plus credit balances unless you’re using £500 a month. In which case your direct debit should be around £500 per month!

I’m over 600 in credit.
How do we get it back.please bulb?

I’m at over 600 at the moment… and rising!

I am also over £300 in credit but, like some, I am not bothered, I could reduce my monthly direct debit from £66.50 to £49. 50 but I am letting it build up in case I suddenly need to use a lot of gas or electric. I know I can request most of it back but I want it to build up.

When you sign into your account the dashboard might say you can reduce your payments or that you can request a refund of all but a months payment, for example £300 credit it will say you can request £250 keeping the account £50 in credit, a months payment.
If I request a refund it will be because it’s summer, my credit would have being more but the son had the heating on almost 24/7 at 30 degrees plus.

I am 250 in credit and pay 50 a month, through the summer I was only using 20 a month but in the winter it was in excess of 100 a month I was using, so keeping my credit in my account means my 50 a month never changes which I’m happy with and no I won’t have a massive increase in my direct debit through the winter


Listen, all you people… I get it… building up a credit in the summer so that things even out across the year can help people who have problems managing their finances.

But I find Bulb’s estimates to be excessive, and so do many others it would seem. I regularly provide accurate meter readings showing my usage to be far lower than estimates, even in winter months, yet they continue to suggest higher monthly payments.

This ends up skewing the balances in Bulb’s favour, meaning they hold more of our cash than is necessary (see above for multiple examples), allowing them to benefit from having these funds available to them, and not available to us.

@Bulb_Helen please can you refund me my credit.

Then the issue here is not the payment system, but Bulb not using your accurate meter readings. There can be several different reasons for this. Have you asked Bulb why the readings aren’t being accepted? I know their customer service is currently awful, which will make that process difficult. I did ask this same question earlier but you’ve chosen to continue your rant rather than engage with an answer that could find a path towards solving the problem.

By saying “my account is in credit, please stop charging me” you’re simply making it sound like you don’t understand how the system is intended to work, which is why you’ve got the answers you received. You’re asking the wrong question.

Asking on here for a refund does work sometimes, but Bulb staff do not visit this forum very often. Again, as I’ve suggested earlier, you’ll need to follow the official instructions for the process as detailed in the help section - just search for the word “refund” if you haven’t yet found it.

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I’ve asked countless times for the overpayment (£290 to date leaving £75 in account) to be credited to my account. One employee said yes. The next one said I was emailing from an email account not connected to my bulb account (which was bollocks) and then the next 6 or 7 emails have just been totally ignored.
Together Energy held onto £680 overpayment for a year. They said I hadn’t sent the correct readings which were actually photographs of my meters so could not have been entered wrongly. Ugh. Licence to steal really. The financial ombudsman would be very busy with all the bulb customers…

They refund to your Bank account so email address makes no difference over the years you might change internet providers and use a different email address, it might only be the @xyz.com that’s different, I personally have 5 emails where the only difference is after @

Hi Kyle @stiens58,

Leaving a message in this community forum won’t get you to a member of Bulb staff. If you need a refund, you should emailhelp@bulb.co.uk to request it.

This article contains a bit more information about getting a refund: https://help.bulb.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/115003394031-Getting-a-refund-for-credit-in-your-account

I’d recommend you don’t withdraw the whole balance though, as we’re just starting winter and it’s likely that your energy usage will increase for the next few months if you put the heating on. So you need to have some credit in your account at this time of year to make sure you don’t end up in debt by February.

Hope that helps,

I am very unhappy with the decline in Bulb’s cutomer service. I totally understand building credit in summer to cover higher consumption in winter but my higher than required credit appears to be caused by the fact that I am billed three days or so before my direct debit payment. An automated, irrelevant, response to an email query and no reply to a follow up is not good enough. I wilk change suppliers if Bulb do not up their game. Money Saving Expert says I should anyway.

This is intentional, and would have been explained to you when you signed up. Bulb take payment in advance, meaning that your account should never have a credit balance less than one monthly payment. Your direct debit goes in for next month and then at the end of the month you are billed and that credit is used.

That’s why payments are done in the order they are. The end result being your account is in credit for more, and for longer, than if it were done the other way around. It’s claimed that this improves Bulb’s cashflow, helps them purchase energy in advance, and thus helps to keep prices low. In the current market of the big six having cheaper tariffs than Bulb, that argument doesn’t really work of course.

It was not explained to me when I signed up to Bulb as one of its early users. In the early days I was able to adjust my monthly payment…up or down …with Bulb’s agreement and with quick and friendly responses to my emails. Now I receive, in the same acknowledgement of my meter readings, one message saying “your payment is fine” and another saying up your monthly needs payment needs upping". Like others some mmeter readings don’t appear on the record even though I’ve received email confirmations of their receipt. I want to stay with Bulb but it’s needs to get back to its earlier high customer service standards or I will will move elsewhere.