If my account is in credit, please stop charging me, and refund the balance

It was surely in the terms and conditions.

It’s even easier now, you can adjust your direct debit payment from your account dashboard with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Customer service has definitely gone off a cliff. I’ve started my switch away this week.

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Who did you go with out of curiosity It has made me re-evaluate who I’m with.

I reckon I save a little but by moving but I’ve just got to work out the maths. Tonik seem to be pretty cheap with good customer service.

Symbio Energy for electric. Mixed reviews but can’t be much worse than Bulb right now.
So Energy for gas. Good reviews, good gas price, similar to bulb for electric.

Both of those are fixed for 12 months, so Brexit-proof for a while.

Cheapest dual fuel was green.energy, who look ok, but variable tariffs so I figured I’d go with separate companies for a change.

As per others on here, I am in credot, but due to trusting their system and not cjecking, I am actually£1140 in credit after being a customer a few years.

I have requested a refund by contacting help@bulb.co.uk but other than an automated response, nothing!

I have reduced my payments to £5 per month and estimate that I will break even in just under 2 years! I wonder if my refund will be processed first!

I have chased the refund again today and if not provided have the dilema of switching suppliers and would I ever get my money back?

Oooh, posted that reply, then immediately found a phone number on this link: Complaints | Bulb

Job for tomorrow i think :grin:

I can confirm that after waiting on hold, I finally got through to someone in Bulb Customer Service, who were happy to refund me my balance, less their estimated charges for 1 month.

Why not just go into the account settings and change the monthly amount yourself?

With accurate meter readings, manual or automatic, variable direct debit would keep accounts to a minimum. Fixed DD is a very old fashioned way of account handling. I have no need to build up an account credit for winter, as it’s already waiting in my bank account for VDD.

currently about £1000.00 in credit on my account. Does anyone know what would happen if I switch to another provider with regards to the credit on the bulb account?

When I go to my account it says “Your balance looks good but you can still top up if you’d like.” :slight_smile:

Wonder if anyone would do that…

@jeevan.manandhar Make a note of your most up to date statement. Make sure you save your own copy.

If you switch, depending on supplier hand off you will either receive a refund or credit moved to other supplier.

Well it makes more sense for interest to be added to their account than yours!!

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That’s the nub of it… thank you @colm1russell for putting it so succinctly!

It makes much more sense for them to hold your cash - as it earns them more money, and also provides them with more capital / cashflow to use to fund their business.

With big corporate disasters like Thomas Cook hitting the headlines these days, we shouldn’t assume that we can always get our money back from a company that has our cash but has not yet supplied us with goods or services.

For which you get the benefit of lower rates than the Big 6 due to the ability to purchase energy in advance.

Your credit is guaranteed by Ofgem.

For which you get the benefit of lower rates than the Big 6 due to the ability to purchase energy in advance.

If it’s really true that any Bulb customer can request their balance to be repaid to me at any point, then this doesn’t make any difference to their ability to purchase energy in advance.

Your credit is guaranteed by Ofgem .

…for which I pay higher rates and taxes due to the bureaucracy and insurance required for the government to provide this guarantee, which would not be as necessary or valuable if they didn’t hold on to an excessive amount of my money.

I was 340 in credit after my October statement , so I emailed twice for a refund, they were both unanswered so I emailed complaints, they answered within one day and offered me £100 refund with the usual script of building up over winter months, I replied with I disagree totally and asked for £200 back, they agreed but almost got told off and warned I would be in debit to them eventually as they like to keep 2 months worth of payments in the account, which in my case would have been keeping credit of £160.00…I also live alone not in during the day and have 20 odd years of npower, scottish power saying the same old tripe so speaking for myself personally I know I will never be in debit with them…They have kept £80 and I have £200 and I think thats fair for now…but come spring if its still built up I will ask again …

I am nearly £540 in credit after this months DD is credited to my account and that includes the monthly charge for gas and electric is deducted from the credit. I just let it build up and will ask for it when I want it it’s like a savings plan with no interest, a bit like putting money away at home in a jar.

Dunno if they still do but ovo pay interest on credit . When I was with them I got 3% better than any bank nowadays lol

Apparently if you have been with OVO for over 2 years it goes up to 5%.

Yes that’s right, mates on 5% but there tarrifs alot higher

yeah shame that cuz there accounts site was very good indeed too. And if you get warm home discount once they put you on a different cheaper tariff too ( dunno if that is still the case) I would go back to them in a shot if they were competitive