Have you thought about linking with IFTTT? I think you’d be the only energy company that did so. It’d be most useful for when you roll out your smart meter, and you’d be able to pipe data like CO2 saved per time period, cost per time period, etc etc.

So you could have applets like “tweet how much carbon dioxide I haven’t added to the atmosphere today”, “add the cost of my electricity for today/this week/this year to a google spreadsheet”, “if my electricity cost goes above xx pence today, turn down my Honeywell/Nest thermostat by yy degrees”.

It’d give you a USP, and would appeal to nerds like me.

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Cool idea @adam8526, I’ve added it in the ideas section of our roadmap so other members can see it and vote on them. Trello

This is an awesome idea. I wonder how far this could go; is there any scope for smart meters to provide an API in addition to exposing it via IFTTT? A “Bulb developer community” could be very powerful =)

A Bulb developer community is a very, very good idea. @“Will at Bulb” may even put it on the vaunted Trello-based roadmap BIG UPS

Love it! Here’s the card in our roadmap. Make sure you vote for it @harry37 Trello

Awesome! :smiley: voted :grin:

Ooooh! An API would be awesome. Think of the possibilities - you’d be able to work with nest, hue, openhab, etc etc etc.
Great idea @harry37 :slight_smile:

@adam8526 hopefully we’re moving towards a world where everything will have an API :smiley:

Talk from Head of Technology Research at Tesco Labs. Around 8:20 he mentions use of an electricity monitor to track usage of various appliances in the home. Would be very interesting to see an API expose electricity usage at high enough resolution to identify individual appliances - https://youtu.be/cXK8YALMA9k

Guys, this is so cool! And thanks for sharing the link, @daniel9112. You’ve got us all excited!


Any movement on this topic as it’s 1.5 years old?

Any movement on this topic as it's 1.5 years old?

Bulb are definitely working on an API. But as yet we don’t know any more than that and there’s no public beta of whatever they have so far.

See: http://community.bulb.co.uk/discussion/comment/22299/#Comment_22299