Ignored by Bulb customer service

I have sent Bulb 3 mails via website and have requested a reply on each occassion to no avail . Bulb asked me to arrange an appointment to get smart meter fitted but when I tried to do this I was not allowed and was told I already have smart meter , which I do not . I will give Bulb until next week to respond and if no response I think I will find another provider . Does anyone have a contact number for Bulb?

All the various contact details are via the Help page.

I’m having the same issue. Why will their customer service team not get back to us?

Have you tried their Chat line?

No, I didn’t realise they had one! Have emailed their complaints email tonight so will see how I get on. Have you tried their chat line?

Yes and it was quite quick (couple of minutes for a response from Bulb) . This was about a month ago when I queried a minor point regarding my final DD payment to them