Ignored email


I’ve recently started the switch with yourselves.
Upon registering my address had to be entered manually. Concerned I emailed the following day…i got a reply ignoring my actual question.

Now you need a meter reading for the switch to complete but my account shows the incorrect address and meter serial numbers, readings and current supplier. I emailed several days ago without a response and now I’m receiving generic emails telling me to complete my meter readings…which I can’t do for the reasons stated above.

My current provider have confirmed the switch from their side so you’ve clearly used the correct address with them.

Please advise.


Hi @pandapiglet I’m very sorry about the poor response over email. We have now corrected this - if you could give us an electricity meter reading in the next few days that would be fab. We’re also working on our automated email process, so you don’t get asked for meter reads when we know your details are incorrect - thank you so much for your patience while we get this sorted.

I sent a email on the 28th of February and have replied twice using the standard reply and have had no response, just sent another email and got the standard reply, not holding my breath

Hey @joneb, replied over email. Thanks for all your patience!!