Ignored Meter Readings

I frequently submit gas and electricity meter readings because I like to keep close track of my energy consumption, particularly so that I can quickly see any impact from changes to my underfloor (gas) heating settings. Often I will get the emails from Bulb to say that my meter readings have been received but the readings never appear in my records or sometimes only one of the gas or electricity readings appears. Why do you ignore my meter readings so often? It is frustrating when I aim to submit readings on the first day of each month so that I can have an accurate record of monthly usage. You acknowledged receipt of my two readings on March 1st but neither of them appears in my record. You also ignored my gas reading submitted on February 28th but not my electricity reading submitted on the same day. Why?

Hi. I submitted readings on the 28th as requested in my email. These show in my account but bulb then estimated on 1st to produce my statement. What was the point of giving my readings if they.were going to estimate an extra day anyway.

I submitted both gas and electricity readings on 28th February too. They are on my statement but Bulb still decided to estimate their own reading for 1st March which is over 4 times the daily usage which Bulb themselves helpfully put on the statement.

I love the odd conspiracy theory myself but why did Bulb 1) ignore the reading and do an estimate and 2) why is that estimate 4x my average usage that they calculate themselves?