IHD and eco7

I don’t think the IHD can show the readings for the dual rate tariff, is that correct?
I can’t seem to find it on the menu

The In Home Display has the capability to show separate counts for gas and electricity. As we don’t have gas (nearest pipeline is 5 miles away!), the meter installer told me that he understood Bulb would set it up to show the day and night usage instead of gas and electricity. So far this has not happened. At the moment it is showing the Various-Fair day rate (well nearly; according to our account on the web, our day rate is 15.7p per kWh but the display is showing 15.72p/kWh!) and the correct daily standing charge. I have not yet managed to check the display at night.
I’m in an email conversation with Bulb about this.

Hi Antuk, the installer told me it could. But mine isn’t. So I’m in discussion with Bulb via email.

Hi Antuk, the installer told me it could. But mine isn't. So I'm in discussion with Bulb via email.


Update - in spite of trying very hard to find out why its not there and to ask for separate displays for day and night electricity usage, the display still does not separate them out.

Just to make it more irritating, I am told that the online site does. Well it shows a 2 shade green bar where the lighter green indicates night time usage. But you still can’t get an actual value! Just the total price.

Hi @A01 - thanks for the update!

While I’m actually not too sure about getting the displays seperately, I know you can see how much you’ve used to far in the day. On the home screen, press So far today (or this week, month or year, depending on your view) and keep pressing until you see Usage now. Hope this helps!