IHD and SmartThings app


I’m new here.

We live in Norfolk and had electric and gas smart meters installed yesterday. They’re about half the size of the previous meters and they were installed so all looks neat and tidy. Big compliments to the lady from Siemens who installed them.

Anyway, the electric usage count started displaying on the IHD within 5 minutes, gas about two hours later.

We’re on a vari fair economy 7 tariff. We were given an IHD6 device and I cannot see if I can change the settings to display both the peak and off peak gas and electric usage. Do the IHDs display both? If so, how do I do this?

Also, I have the SmartThings phone app already installed due to my smart TV. The engineer gave instruction leaflet about how to get it set up. The app stated the IHD had successfully connected and syncd to the app but I haven’t been able to get usage displayed. Is this because of the dual rate and the app not being compatible?

I realise the problems we have are nowhere near as serious as some on here but would welcome any assistance.

Many thanks

I’ve just tried the SmartThings app again and the data usage (day by day and hour by hour) is now showing in numerical and graph form.

However, there is still no usage split between peak and off peak for Economy 7 on either SmartThings app or the IHD.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Just checking my IHD and the tariffs appear to be incorrect.

Going by my statement, prices increased on 18 October 20. Economy 7 is gas 2.59p/kwh. IHD says it’s charging 2.72p/kWh. Standing charge for gas 19.47p, charge on IHD is 20.44p per day.

Electric standing charge is 20.07p per day, charge on IHD 21.07p. Electric peak price 17.16p/kwh, IHD charging 18.01. Off peak 8.51p/kwh, IHD does not state what it is charging p/kwh (nothing on the display).

Can this be looked into please.

Many thanks.

IHD possibbly VAT at 5%

I think you’re correct skippy64, 5% VAT added to all equals the difference on all charge categories. Thanks for the heads up.

Just need a response from someone about Economy 7 off peak showing on both phone app and IHD.

Your welcome glad to be of service, afraid I can’t help you with E7 asI have GCH :thinking:

Partial solution but any news on the IHD and SmartThings app showing night rate usage (electric and gas).


Hi @Markta Thanks for your question and a big welcome to Bulb Community!

I’m glad to hear you’re happy with the smart installation and both meters are all connected.

Regarding the IHD, it’ll show your total consumption for the day and night rates (GBP) and your readings will be split into the day and night rates, however the live usage will show your day usage in the day and night usage at night. Unfortunately they don’t show the split. This is because of how the meter communicates with the IHD each half hour. As the smartthings app then pairs to the IHD I believe this will be the same there.